Sports Outreach Program

Did you know that martial arts is an incredible way for your child to develop confidence, discipline, and respect? It’s true! From the moment your child participates in his/her first class, you will see these incredible benefits. Our program has been in several Junior High and Primary School over the past 15 years, assisting with suspended students and dealing with at-risk youth, our program has and is continuing to impact lives.

Sports is a unique all-terrain vehicle that knows no bounds. It is international in scope, intercultural in appeal, and there are no cultural or social hang-ups. It moves swiftly through all the differences – race, age and gender. Sports is a great common denominator, opening doors to all levels of society, the potential is incredible. Our sports outreach model and principles have been proven countless times to be cross-cultural and effective. They were developed and fine-tuned over the years by our founder, Dr. E. Corey Rolle, Karate and Tennis are our primary sports.

Additionally we do or have done basketball, soccer and about any activity that gets kids running around! It all leads to relationships and opportunities to connect off the mat with a message and hope as we aim to build young leaders to impact their communities positively.

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Our mentors are a caring, responsible, adult volunteer who serves as a trusted leader, support, and guide. A Mentor builds a relationship based on trust and acceptance with their mentee, which provides a foundation for positive mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

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One of the most powerful aspects about mentoring is that the mentee has an adult who believes in them and is focused completely on helping them reach their God-given potential. We don’t know the extent of each person’s potential, it is something that needs to be discovered. Therefore, the role of the mentor is to help the youth explore their gifts and talents so that they will take the risks and make the sacrifices necessary to find the path God has for them. Each youth in our program will continue building a relationship based on trust, Each student will participate in our Development Program by guiding him through adolescence with a focus on Christ.

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